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Zichen is the champion, May 26, 2024

Congrats to Zichen Liu (middle) for winning the championship of the USTC 2024 Annual Singer Competition. He is the rock star of CIG!.

2024 CIG graduates, May 24, 2024

Congrats to Dr. Xu Si (left in 1st photo) and You Li (right in the 1st photo) for the successful defense of their Ph.D. and master thesis, respectively. Xu will start his postdoc research at Georgia Tech and You will join Huawei research center at Wuhan.

Group photo, Dec. 18th, 2023

Snowflakes and smiles: The CIG team captures a moment of pure happiness in a winter wonderland.

CIG members at Zhuhai, Oct. 13-17, 2023

A group of CIG members attended the CGU annual meeting at Zhuhai.

Congratulations to Xu Si, July 17th, 2023

Xu Si (right four in the 1st picture) was awarded the best student talk at the 4th Symposium of Artificial Intelligence in Seismology, July 17th, 2023. He talked about his excellent research work of seismic PLAN (Phase picking, Location, and Association Network): a graph neural network based multi-task multi-station earthquake monitoring method [Arxiv].

SEG 2023 Election, July 5, 2023

Xinming was elected as a member of the SEG Council, District 11 Representative(SEG理事会成员,全球第11区代表).

2023 CIG graduates, June 15, 2023

Congrats to Chuang Xiao, Jinqian Xie, Zijian, Zhiwen, and Zhengfa (from left to right in the 1st photo) for receiving their degrees.

Team building, June 11, 2023

We met to celebrate the graduation of two PhDs (Zhengfa and Zhiwen) , two masters (Zijian and Enhua), and two undergraduates (Chuang Xiao and Jinqian Xie) at CIG.

CIG members at Lanzhou, May 29-31, 2023

Jiarun, Zhengfa, Xinming and Hui visited CNPC@Lanzhou. Many thanks to Jiarun, Zhengfa and Hui for their great contributions to the collaboration with CNPC.

CIG members at Qingdao, April 19-22, 2023

A group of CIG members attended a conference at Qingdao.

CIG students at Zhuhai, April 14-17, 2023

Xu, Guangyu, Wen, and Zhengfa (from left to right) attended a conference at Zhuhai.

CIG students at Chengdu, April 2-5, 2023

Jintao (left) and Hui (right) attended a conference at Chengdu.

Group photo, March 31st, 2023

Thanks to Hanlin for taking the beautiful photos.

BGP visitors, March 23rd, 2023

We had a great research meeting with a group of BPG experts. We discussed about the topics of seismic interpretation and subsurface modeling that we have been collaborated on

Congratulations to Zhengfa Bi, March 13rd, 2023

Zhengfa Bi was selected to be one of the Excellent Graduates in Anhui Province. He is a 3rd year PhD student who has done great research work with CIG. Well deserved!

Only 7 graduate students in the department are honored as Anhui Excellent Graduates.

We had our last weekly group seminar in the year of Tiger, Jan. 12nd, 2023

We were honored to have Dr. Tianyu Ding, a senior researcher at Microsoft, to give a talk in our last group seminar of the Tiger year, 2022. We all enjoyed Tianyu's talk on "seeking low-dimensionality in deep neural networks".

Our pages were visited more than 50,000 times last year, Jan. 4th, 2023

Here are the records of yearly and monthly visits to the CIG web pages.

Happy life after the pandemic, Dec. 28th, 2022

Some CIG students celebrated their recovery from COVID-19.

中国地球物理学会人工智能地球物理专委会成立, 伍新明任副秘书长,Dec. 22th, 2022

中国地球物理学会智能地球物理专业委员会于2022年4月经中国地球物理学会审议通过筹建。 其成立的宗旨是为了更好地凸显和扩大人工智能在地球物理中的作用与影响, 促进地球物理交叉学科的学术交流,团结和带动全国人工智能与地球科学交叉研究和科学普及, 为推动地球物理学的跨越式发展提供科技支撑。 该专委会本着扩展思路、 扩大交叉学科方向、增强专业委员会活力的组建精神;立足地球物理学与人工智能、数学、计算机等多学科交叉创新, 促使人工智能成为中国地球物理前行的强大引擎,吸引更多的优秀青年学子投身地球物理事业,促进地球物理事业的繁荣发展。

Group event on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25th, 2022

Yearly group activities on the Thanksgiving day.

Final of the GeoEast Cup, Nov. 19th, 2022

A team of CIG students Zichen Liu (team leader), You Li, and Shaoqi Tu won one of the first prize, geophysical software development at the final of the GeoEast CUP, held by BGP.

Friends from Hangzhou Geology Institute, CNPC, Sep. 1st, 2022

We had a great research meeting with Dr. Yueming Ye (left, 1st image), Dr. He Meng (middle, 1st image), and Cun Yang (right, 1st image) from Hangzhou Geology Institute, CNPC. We discussed our common interests in seismic stratigraphic interpretation, seismic inversion, seismic facies interpretation and so on.

Summer intern, 2022

CIG students Hanlin Sheng (middle) and Jintao Li (right) were with their mentor Dr. Sibo Zhang (Left) at Huawei.
In the middle of June, 2022, Hanlin and Jintao started their four-month summer interns at Huawei, where they work on deep learning projects as Cloud Computing Engineers. Meanwhile, Zijian (right image) worked on ICT product & solutions-wireless network product projects as Algorithm Engineer in WN-LTE&5G Solution Dept..

Graduation ceremony, 06/26/2022

Congratulations to all the graduates of CIG.

Group photo, 03/27/2022

Thanks to Hanlin for taking these beautiful group photos.

Congratulations to Ding, Xing and Wenkai, 03/18/2022

Congratulations to Chang Ding (left), Xing Tan (middle), and Wenkai Xuan (right) who received offers from Georgia Tech, Stanford, and ETH, respectively. They are currently senior students at USTC and have been working with our group since 2020.

AE, Computers&Geosciences, 03/15/2022

Xinming was invited to serve as an associate editor for the journal of Computers&Geosciences.

CIG new faces, 03/10/2022

Dongzi Xie (left), Yuting Wang (middle left), Zhixiang Guo (middle right), and Zichen Liu (right) are joining us as masters in the Fall of 2022. They have been starting working with us on their undergraduate theses.

Huawei's experts at USTC, 12/08/2021

We invited Dr. Richard Lin and Dr. Cong Wang from Huawei to share their valuable experiences on open source, developing AI platform (MindSpore) and AI Chips.

CIG runners at the 12-9 Marathon of USTC, 12/05/2021

Group photos, Sep. 9th, 2021

New group photos, new faces!
Many thanks to our friend Zhangyu Wang (王章钰) for taking these beautiful photos.

BGP visitors, Jul. 12nd, 2021

We had a great research meeting with a group of BPG experts. We discussed our common interests in geophysical data processing and interpretation, and subsurface modeling. We look forward to our long-term collaborations on these topics.

Intern, March~June, 2021

CIG student Xu Si (left) was with his mentor Dr. Sibo Zhang (right) at Huawei.
From March to June, 20201, Xu (left) interned at Huawei, where he worked as a Cloud Computing Engineer and implemented seismic processing and interpretation algorithms with GPU acceleration.

2021 SEG papers

We submitted four conference papers and they were all got accepted for the 2021 SEG annual meeting.
Session ID: INT 1
Session Style: Oral_In Person Presentation
Session Title: ML in Assisting Seismic Interpretation
Presentation Time: Sep. 28, 2021, 8:25~8:50AM
Talk Title: Seismic horizon identification using semi-supervised learning with virtual adversarial training
Authors: Wang F.*, X. Wu, and H. Wang
Session ID: RC P3
Session Style: Poster_In Person Presentation
Session Title: Multiattribute Case Studies 1
Presentation Time: Sep. 28, 2021, 10:45~11:10 AM
Talk Title: Building subsurface models with horizon-guided interpolation and deep learning: applied to the Volve field.
Authors: Yan S.* and X. Wu
Session ID: MLDA 4
Session Style: Oral_In Person Presentation
Session Title: Interpretation
Presentation Time: Sep. 28, 2021, 4:30~4:55 PM
Talk Title: Implicit Structural Modeling of Geological Structures with Deep Learning.
Authors: Bi Z.* and X. Wu
Session ID: RC 2
Session Style: Oral_In Person Presentation
Session Title: Multiattribute Case Studies 2
Presentation Time: Sep. 29, 2021, 8:25~8:50 AM
Talk Title: Attenuation-based deep learning for volcanic reservoirs characterization: A case study from Junggar Basin, China.
Authors: Sun X.*, X. Wu and S. Cao

2021 CAPG Annual Meeting

Some of CIG members attended the 2021 CAPG annual meeting in Haikou (what a beautiful coastal city!).

Shangsheng passed her Ph.D. thesis defense, congratulations!

Shangsheng successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on May 19th, 2021. Her thesis topic is building high-resolution reservoir property models by jointly using seismic and well-log data. Shangsheng is the 1st Ph.D. graduated from CIG, well done!

HDC, Huawei, April 24-26,2021

Yuqi Liu, You Li, Lei Jiang, Chuanli Dai, Hui Gao, and Xinming Wu (from right to left in the lower-left image) attended the Huawei HDC 2021 (华为开发者大会), where they started the USTC MDG(中科大ModelArts开发者社区) and Xinming was invited to give a keynote talk about AI in oil and gas exploration.

A happy group trip, Spring, 2021

We had a great group trip to a big countryside park where we enjoyed playing games, cooking lunch, and so on. (08/04/2021)

CIG new students visited USTC, 1/12/2021

Lei Jiang (left), You Li (middle left), Hui Gao (middle right), and Chuanli Dai (right) came to visit us on January 12th, 2021. They are joining us as masters in 2021 and have been starting working with us on their undergraduate theses.

CIG runners at the 12-9 Marathon of USTC, 12/06/2020

Lecture of Huawei AI, By Liang Chen, @USTC, 12/03/2020

We invited Liang Chen from Huawei to give a talk about AI.

Congrats to the 10th anniversary of TCCS, 11/09/2020

Xinming stayed with TCCS for almost four years, first as a visiting student and then as a postdoc.


01-02 Nov., 2020, Xinming, Hang, and Xu attended the China-Vis 2020 at Huawei and visited Xi’an Jiaotong University.


28-31 Otc., 2020, Xinming, Zhengfa, and Xiaoming attended the 4th CNPC AI+Geophysics meeting in Lanzhou, China.


17-21 Oct., 2020, CIG members attended the CGU in Chongqing!
It's unfortunately that I (Xinming) could not attend the meeting. Thanks to Hanlin for putting me among them.


11-16 Oct., 2020, CIG members presented 8 talks at the 2020 SEG Annual meeting, well done!

Group photo, Fall, 2020

Welcome Dr. Xiaoming Sun(孙晓明)

Dr. Xiaoming Sun is joining CIG in September, 2020 as a postdoc.
Dr. Xiaoming Sun received a B.S. in Resource Prospecting Engineering from Northeast Petroleum University in 2010, a master degree in Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2015, and a Ph.D. in Geological Resource and Geological Engineering for China University of Petroleum(Beijing) in 2020.
Her research interests include seismic and well-log interpretation, reservoir characterization, and their deep learning based solutions.

Summer intern, 2020

CIG student Xu Si (left) was with his mentor Dr. Zemin Liu (right) at Anhui Earthquake Agency.
At the end of July, 2020, Xu started his summer intern at Anhui Earthquake Agency, where he worked on deep learning for seismic event detection and classification.

Welcome Fu Wang (王福)

Fu Wang is joining CIG in Fall, 2020 as a visiting Ph.D. student.
Fu Wang is currently a Ph.D. student with Prof. Huazhong Wang at Tongji University.
She got his Bachelor and Master in Geophysics from Jilin University in 2017.
Her research interests include automatic interpretation of seismic structures and use them as guidance in inversion problems. She has been working on seismic image preprocessing, seismic attributes, dynamic programming, deep learning, and waveform inversion.

2020 SEG Annual Convention

CIG has 8 conference papers got accepted for the 2020 SEG Annual Convention, 11-16, October. We will be well prepared for the presentations!

Welcome Xu Si (司旭)

Xu Si is joining CIG in Fall, 2020 as a PhD student. He has started his research with CIG on seismology and seismic location.
Xu Si got his Bachelor and Master in Geophysics from CUG (Wuhan) in 2017 and CUG (Beijing) in 2020, respectively. Xu worked on deep learning for seismic denoising and published his work in the SCI journals of Geophysics and Interpretation. He received the Best Student Poster Award, SEG workshop (see photo above), Beijing, 2019.

Undergraduate thesis defense, 2020

Congratulations to these six students for successfully passing their thesis defenses.
They all did great work with CIG for their undergraduate theses:
Danyang Jiang, joining ETH, thesis title: Structure-guided Kriging. Working on a potential paper on inversion with Kriging.
Hanlin Sheng, stay with CIG, thesis title: Wavelet estimate and non-stretching NMO. IEEE TGRS, submitted
Hang Gao, stay with CIG, thesis title: Numerical channel simulation and deep learning for channel characterization in 3D seismic images. CUG (Beijing) Excellent Thesis Award, Marine and Petroleum Geology, in submission.
Jintao Li, stay with CIG, thesis title: Deep learning for simultaneous seismic super-resolution and denoising. USTC Excellent Thesis Award, IEEE TGRS, in submission.
Shubo Zhang, joining NTU, Singapore, thesis title: Noise2noise deep learning for seismic denoising.
Runbang Zhang, move to Computer Sciences, thesis title: Scene recovery with deep learning and potential application in geological structure reconstruction.

Summer intern, 2020

CIG students Shangsheng Yan (left) and Zhengfa Bi (right) were with their mentor Dr. Sibo Zhang (middle) at Huawei.
At the end of May, 2020, Shangsheng and Zhengfa started their three-month summer interns at Huawei, where they work on deep learning projects as Cloud Computing Engineers.

An interview with Xinming Wu, May, 2020, SEG China

On May 16, 2020, Xinming shared his experience with young geophysics students in an interview by SEG China. [Link]

Honorary Lecturer Tour, SEG, 2020

In May, 2020, Xinming had his virtual SEG Honorary Lecturer Tour "Deep learning for seismic processing and interpretation".
Xinming's lectures attracted over 4K audience which hit the history high of the SEG lecturer tours.
The recorded video courses are freely available for all SEG members [Link1] [Link2]