About Hui Gao(高晖)

Starting in 2021
Master candidate
GitHub: huicig
Email: gaohui2021@mail.ustc.edu.cn
Undergraduate: Geology & Geophysics, CUG (Wuhan), 2017-2021.
GPA: 3.82, Rank: 3/30.
Research: Forward stratigraphic modeling, deep learning for seismic stratigraphic interpretation and sedimentary facies analysis.

Honors & awards

2018 Excellence Scholarship, China University Of Geosciences, Wuhan
2020 The First Prize of the National Geophysical Knowledge Competition, Chinese Geophysical Society


2. Gao, H., X. Wu*, S. Xiao, M. Hou, H. Gao, G. Wang, and H. Sheng, 2024, cigFacies: a massive-scale benchmark dataset of seismic facies and its application, GRL, submitted.

1. Gao, H., X. Wu*, J. Zhang, X. Sun, and Z. Bi, 2023, ClinoformNet-1.0: stratigraphic forward modeling and deep learning for seismic clinoform delineation. Geoscientific Model Development (GMD), Vol. 16, 2495–2513. [PDF]. [FIG].