About Xiaoming Sun(孙晓明)

Associate research Fellow
Email: sunxiaoming_cupb@sina.com
Ph.D.: Geological Resource and Geological Engineering, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, 2016-2020.
Visiting student: Geology, University of Bristol, 2018.11-2019.11.
Master: Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 2012-2015.
Undergraduate: Resource Prospecting Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, 2006-2010.
Experience: Oil Recovery Technician, Henan Oil Field, Sinopec, 2010.07-2011.03.
Research: seismic and well-log interpretation, reservoir characterization, deep learning


1. 中石油科技创新基金,基于深度学习的地震储层参数反演方法研究,18万元,2020.12-2022.12,主持(PI)

2. 中科大校青创基金,8万元,主持(PI)


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