We work on computer-assisted processing and interpretation of all kinds of digital datasets including, but not limited to, geophysical datasets such as seismic images, well-logs, seismology signals and so on. For example, we develop softwares to efficiently extract geologic features including faults, unconformities, horizons, channels, and salt boundaries from 3D seismic volumes. We further use the automatically extracted geologic features, combined with well-log properties, to build subsurface models.
We currently focus on deep learning for geoscience problems:
  • seismic structural interpretation;
  • seismic stratigraphic interpretation;
  • seismic geobody interpretation;
  • reservoir property estimation;
  • seismic facies characterization;
  • subsurface model building;
  • enhanced seismic imaging;
  • velocity model estimation;
  • denoising and super-resolution;
  • borehole and well-log interpretation;
  • geophysical data interpolation;
  • seismic location;
  • geologic forward modeling;
  • ......