About Chuanli Dai(戴传力)

Starting in 2021
Master candidate
GitHub: not available
Email: 860818359@qq.com
Undergraduate: Geophysics, Jilin University, 2017-2021.
GPA: 3.44/4, Rank: 2/52.
Research: Deep learning for well-log data analysis and seismic inversion.

Honors & awards

2017 The First Prize Scholarship, Jilin University
2018 National Encouragement Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China
2019 The First Prize Scholarship, Jilin University


1. Dai, C., X. Si, and X. Wu*, 2023, FlexLogNet: a flexible deep learning-based well-log completion method of adaptively using what you have to predict what you are missing, Computers & Geosciences, submitted.