About Guangyu Wang(王光宇)

Ph.D. candidate
GitHub: wanggy-1
Email: wangguangyu721@163.com
Master: Geophysics, China University of Petroleum (Huadong), 2019-2022.
Undergraduate: Geophysics, China University of Petroleum (Huadong), 2015-2019.
Research: Jointly work with Prof. Xiaodong Ma and Prof. Xinming Wu on the topics of fluvial facies modeling, acoustic borehole image interpretation, rock mechanics and deep learning.


3. Song, J., Z. Li, G. Wang, G. Lei and J. Yang, 2022, Weak seismic signal enhancement using curvelet transform and compressive sampling. IEEE TGRS, in revision.

2. Wang, G., J. Song, F. Xu, M. Li, W. Peng and S. Xu, 2021, Lithology prediction from seismic data using Random Forests algorithm. 82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, 2021(1): 1-5.

1. 王光宇, 宋建国, 徐飞, 张文, 刘炯, 以及陈飞旭, 2021, 不平衡样本集随机森林岩性预测方法. 石油地球物理勘探, 56(4): 679-687.