We program with Java, Python, PyTorch and Tensorflow to interpret/process all kinds of digital signals or multi-dimensional images.

CIG's open-source codes (to be updated...)

Here are some of our popular packages:
  • Jintao's seismicSuperResolution.
  • Gaohang's channelSeg.
  • Xinming's faultSeg3D.
  • Xinming's osv, widely used in industry for fault interpretation.
  • Dave's ipf (Best Paper, Geophysics, 2016).
  • Xinming's mhe (Best Paper, Honorable Mention, SEG, 2018).
  • Xinming's sbp (left cartoon).
  • Xinming's sos (structure- & stratigraphy-oriented smoothing).
  • we keep updating more and better organized packages...
  • CIG's computational resource

    CIG keeps upgrading computational resources.
    We currently have:
  • 3 GPU nodes: NVIDIA, 10×Tesla V100(32G); A100(40G)
  • 9 CPU nodes: 18X6240 CPUs, totally 324 cores
  • workstation: >=20Cores and 64G for every CIG member
  • support by Huawei Cloud
  • supercomputing center of USTC
  • Open-source softwares
    We appreciate Dave and Sergey's great contributions to open-source softwares in geophysics!

    Mines Java Toolkit (JTK)
    The Mines Java Toolkit (JTK) is a set of Java packages and native (non-Java) code libraries for science and engineering. Applications currently include include
  • digital signal processing
  • 2-D and 3-D graphics
  • Madagascar
    Madagascar is an open-source software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments. Its mission is to provide
  • a convenient and powerful environment
  • a convenient technology transfer tool